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What Can Our Platform Offer You?

It’s our mission to change the face of grassroots electronic sports via our community hub and organised events, that includes everyone in the industry.


Our daily events and tournament series offer a friendly and competitive place to play. Join ladders and tournaments free of charge and potentially win cash prizes.

  • Play with your friends.

  • Enjoy various exciting game modes.

  • Climb our competitive ranks.


We’re working with content creators too. We offer a range of tools, opportunities and support designed to help you develop your audience and reach new heights.

  • Stream your competitive gameplay.

  • Engage in our free promotion.

  • Join our partnership programme.


Register your organization with us and have your team represented in our events. You’ll be able to take advantage of our various tools to support your growth.

  • Compete and win as a team.

  • Scout for players and staff.

  • Manage your team’s roster.

How Do Our Events Work?

We organise a range of events of various ranking and playstyle formats suitable to all of the competitive and casual community.

Creative Encounters

Battle in various game modes, competition formats and custom maps in creative environments with up to fifteen other players in casual and ranked settings.

Elimination Races

Compete as either a solo or duo in a lobby shared with your competitors and race for maximum eliminations in this Friday Fortnite inspired game mode.

Scrim Queues

Compete in casual and ranked scrims against other competing teams in public lobbies, fighting for placement and eliminations. Three, two, one.. Ready!

Custom Lobbies

Play in a full size battle royale exclusively with other Electronic Gaming Series members and enjoy a more competitive and exciting endgame experience.

How Can I Get Involved?

Register for our pre-release version of the platform and receive lifetime access at a discounted membership price. You can also support us by sharing the message.

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Signup during our pre-launch and support our development. You’ll receive multiple benefits including a lifetime membership discount and event qualification priority.

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Register for our partner program and receive commission when your friends, followers and teammates register with the Electronic Gaming Series every month.

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Access our maximum affiliate tier for double the partner compensation by spreading the word in your stream, social media and your Epic Games username.

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